Rosati’s Near Lincoln Park

Rosati’s near Lincoln Park has continued the treasured traditions of the city’s famous culinary heritage, especially the iconic deep-dish pizza. At Rosati’s, we’re dedicated to upholding these traditions and providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for friends and family to enjoy Chicago’s Best Pizza and other fine Italian-American cuisine.

Over the years, Rosati’s in Lincoln Park – near Logan Square – has preserved legendary Italian traditions and innovated a diverse menu of options for everyone. From the best pizza in Lincoln Park to tasty pastas, we’ve curated an extensive and timeless menu of delicious dishes. At Rosati’s, we represent Chicagoland’s culinary excellence.

Best Pizza in Lincoln Park – Chicago

You’ll find the best pizza in Lincoln Park – near Logan Square – at Rosati’s! Lincoln Park is a neighborhood rich in arts, culture, and culinary delights. Our dedicated meticulousness curated a menu so that everyone has something to enjoy. Rosati’s authentically reflects the best culinary experiences that Chicagoland has to offer. Our menu has a wide selection of dishes besides deep-dish pizza, including appetizers, calzones, sandwiches, pastas, and salads which represent the richness of Italian American cuisine. Rosati’s is the premier Lincoln Park dining destination!

Our unique menu captures the quintessential essence of Chicago’s culinary heritage, paying homage to old-world traditions and blending it with American flavors. Here at Rosati’s near Lincoln Park, you can experience real authenticity and innovation together on a plate. Whether it’s a traditional pasta recipe or the iconic Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, our commitment to quality shines through every dish.

We welcome you every day from 10 AM to 3 AM. Anytime you want a slice of pizza – we’re here! You can spend a fun Friday night with friends enjoying the best pizza in Chicago. You can have a pleasant Saturday evening dinner with your family. You can even stop by and grab some lunch during the week. At Rosati’s, you can count on us for a fantastic culinary experience any day of the week, whether at our Lincoln Park location or our Logan Square location – or any of our other Chicagoland locations.

Rosati’s: Pizza in Lincoln Park

Everything Pizza at Rosati’s

For pizza in Lincoln Park, you’ll find plenty of options at Rosati’s. We offer deep-dish pizza, thin-crust pizza, and more. We even offer build-your-own pizza so that you’ll definitely have a pizza that you’ll enjoy. Our pizza is renowned, and we’re conveniently located right in Lincoln Park, not far from Logan Square!

In addition to Chicago’s finest deep-dish pizza in Lincoln Park, we’re proud to offer a diverse selection of pizza styles and toppings, carefully curated for everyone to enjoy. We offer a variety of specialty pizzas, including our Fabulous Four, White Pizza, and Windy City pizzas. Our Fabulous Four is topped with gourmet Italian Sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. Our White Pizza has an innovative combination of olive oil, fresh garlic, sauteed spinach, and sliced tomatoes. We also recommend our Windy City pizza that’s topped with Italian sausage, fresh garlic, onion, and Rosati’s own hot giardiniera, a spicy Italian relish. Each of our specialty pizzas has its own charm.

Other Dishes at Rosati’s

Don’t want pizza? No problem! Our menu offers a variety of options for great dishes other than pizza in Lincoln Park. We take pride in offering many other dishes beyond our selection of pizzas. You can begin your meal with us with any of our appetizers, like our cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, or cheesy garlic bread. We have jumbo wings and boneless wings which are perfect for enjoying the Sunday game. We also offer an array of salads for a lighter option, including the classic Caesar salad and a Greek Vinaigrette salad. Our menu includes hearty sandwiches and decadent pasta dishes. Our calzones are also baked to perfection, made with mozzarella cheese and up to four toppings of your choice.

Rosati’s is home to one of the best Beef sandwiches in all of Chicago. We also have award winning JUMBO wings that are second to none. With slices available all day long, you can’t miss.

Rosati’s is home to one of the best Beef sandwiches in all of Chicago. We also have award winning JUMBO wings that are second to none. With slices available all day long, you can’t miss.

At Rosati’s in Lincoln Park – near Logan Square – not only do we offer Chciago’s finest dinners, but we also have the best desserts to complete your dining experience. Embracing the rich Italian tradition, our dessert menu features classic cannoli, zeppole, chocolate cake, tiramisu, and turtle cheesecake – options for everyone to enjoy. Any one of our dessert selections serves as the perfect ending to a memorable night at Rosati’s in Lincoln Park – near Logan Square.

We understand the importance of spending quality time with loved ones. Whether you’re commemorating a special moment or enjoying a last-minute night out on the town, we at Rosati’s are dedicated to making it memorable. We’ve carefully crafted each item on the menu, establishing Rosati’s as the go-to celebration destination in the Lincoln Park and Logan Square neighborhoods. As your neighborhood pizzeria and Italian restaurant, we’re committed to being integral to our communities, like our Logan Square community.

Lincoln Park Pizza: We Cater! 

In addition to serving as your Lincoln Park pizza destination, we can bring Rosati’s to you! We take pride in upholding Italian culinary traditions at all of our locations, including Lincoln Park and Logan Square! Our convenient catering packages ensure that your special day has great food to go along with it. We can bring the essence of Chicago’s best culinary experience to your party, celebration, meeting, or other special event. We’ve crafted our catering packages so that everyone will have a dish to enjoy, from our famous pizza to our sandwiches and salads.

Our catering packages differ in size and menu options, and when you give us a call, we can recommend the right catering package for your special occasion. We offer a family pack, party pack, event pack, and custom catering. We’re dedicated to providing every guest with a dish that they’ll love. If you need last-minute catering – no worries! Call us and we can arrange a catering package for you. When you choose Rosati’s, you can trust us to provide an authentic Chicago culinary experience for your special event.

Visit Us at Rosati’s in Logan Square

At Rosati’s in Lincoln Park – and in Logan Square – you’ll find Chicago’s Best Pizza and other delectable Italian-American dishes. From the iconic deep-dish pizza to hearty sandwiches and pastas, we’ve artfully curated our menu so there’s an option for everyone at Rosati’s.

Pickup Or Delivery

Convenient pickup or delivery options are available at Rosati’s on California Ave. in Chicago for all your catering needs.