Rosati’s Near Hermosa

Located in Chicago, Rosati’s near Hermosa in Logan Square proudly upholds the city’s iconic culinary heritage, especially the famous deep-dish pizza. Here at Rosati’s, we remain dedicated to preserving these culinary customs so that you and your friends and family have a welcoming neighborhood pizza place to gather. You can enjoy Chicago’s Best Pizza right here in Logan Square.

Over many years, Rosati’s has preserved and perfected its true Chicagoland Italian legacy, creating dishes – from pizza to pasta. Our menu spans timeless Chicago delicacies, including deep-dish pizza to heartland sandwiches. At Rosati’s Hermosa in Logan Square, we serve flavorful experiences – the best of Chicago’s culinary richness.

One of the Best Hermosa Restaurants 

Rosati’s in Logan Square is one of the best Hermosa Restaurants. Logan Square is a neighborhood celebrated for its arts and cultural vision and its culinary offerings are no different. With critical attention to detail, we craft our Hermosa pizzas into their own works of art. You can enjoy one of the best restaurants right here in Logan Square. Rosati’s near Hermosa is a genuine reflection of Chicago’s culinary excellence. Our menu has options for everyone; from iconic deep-dish pizza to a selection of appetizers, calzones, sandwiches, pasta, and salads in true Italian fashion. Rosati’s in Logan Square is one of the best Hermosa restaurants where there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Our distinctive creations encapsulate Chicago’s rich culinary history, with recipes honoring Italian traditions. We take pride in upholding these traditions, and you can enjoy a home-cooked Italian meal right here in Logan Square.

We’re open every day from 10 AM to 3 AM. Visit us for a fun Friday night with the family or a Saturday evening with friends. You can even stop by for lunch in the middle of the week! At Rosati’s near Hermosa, you’re guaranteed a great meal at one of the Best Hermosa restaurants in Logan Square.

Rosati’s: Pizza in Hermosa

Everything Pizza at Rosati’s

For pizza in Hermosa, you’ll find endless options at Rosati’s in Logan Square. From deep-dish and thin-crust pizza to build-your-own pizza, you can enjoy your perfect slice here at Rosati’s. Our pizza is Chicago’s finest, and it’s right here in the neighborhood.

In addition to our iconic Chicago-style deep-dish pizzas, our menu boasts a wide range of other pizza styles and toppings, complemented by a thoughtfully curated selection of other Italian-American dishes. Among our selection for pizza in Hermosa is our Fabulous Four, topped with gourmet Italian Sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. We also recommend our White Pizza, which has a delectable combination of olive oil, fresh garlic, sauteed spinach, and sliced tomatoes. Don’t miss our unique Windy City pizza which includes Italian sausage, fresh garlic, onions, and Rosati’s own hot giardiniera, a spicy Italian relish. Each type of pizza in Hermosa at Logan Square has something special to offer.

Other Dishes at Rosati’s

If you’d like to try something else besides Chicago’s best pizza, we have other great selections for you to try! We’re proud to offer a menu that has something for everyone. You’ll find a plethora of choices, starting with our appetizers. Our starters like cheese fries, mozzarella sticks, and cheesy garlic bread are perfect to begin a great night at Rosati’s. Our jumbo wings and boneless wings are a must while enjoying the Sunday game. Our menu continues with hearty sandwiches and homemade pastas. Of course we also offer beautiful salads to pair with other menu options or as standalone items. Be sure to try our calzones, a delightful pizza alternative, made with mozzarella cheese and up to four other toppings of your choosing.

Rosati’s is home to one of the best Beef sandwiches in all of Chicago. We also have award winning JUMBO wings that are second to none. With slices available all day long, you can’t miss.

Not only do we have the best pizza in Hermosa, but we also have the best desserts. An ode to Italian tradition, we offer cannoli, zeppole, chocolate cake, tiramisu, and turtle cheesecake to top off any meal at Rosati’s. Any of our desserts are the perfect conclusion to a perfect meal at Rosati’s in Logan Square.

Create lasting memories with your loved ones with Chicago’s Best Pizza right here at Rosati’s. We hold a deep appreciation for the importance of a shared meal with your family. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a spontaneous night out in Chicago, Rosati’s is here to make it delicious. We’ve artfully crafted every item on our menu for everyone to enjoy, making Rosati’s the place to be. As your local pizza place, our job is to be part of our Logan Square community.

Hermosa Pizza: We Cater! 

Besides being your go-to pizza place, we can go to you! We’re proud to bring the culinary traditions of Chicago to your party, celebration, meeting, or other special event. We’ve designed our catering packages to bring the flavor of our pizza and other menu items to your big day. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your special event will have the food it needs to keep the day going.

Our catering services include many packages that differ in size and menu options. We offer a family pack, party pack, event pack, and custom catering. When you give us a call, we can recommend the right catering package for your special occasion. We’ll make sure that everyone has a dish that they’ll enjoy. Need catering last minute? No problem! Reach out to us and we’ll get you the meals you need. When you choose Rosati’s in Logan Square, you can rely on us to provide a traditional culinary experience of Chicago’s finest recipes.

Visit Us at Rosati’s in Logan Square

Visit us at Rosati’s in Logan Square for Chicago’s Best Pizza and more. Experience Chicago’s Best Pizza and other delicious Italian recipes. From the iconic deep-dish to sandwiches and pastas, we’ve carefully curated our menu at Rosati’s so there’s a dish for everyone!

Call us today 773-743-0001. We are open late every night and offer delivery all throughout the area.

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Pickup Or Delivery

Convenient pickup or delivery options are available at Rosati’s on California Ave. in Chicago for all your catering needs.